Christmas Spirit or Bah-Humbug?

December 19, 2010

Poor poor Jack!

You know that when you are shopping for Christmas presents; especially clothes for your loved ones~~well you should always try things on. I bought this cute houndstooth sweater for my parents dog “Jug”; and my sweet Jack said he would stand in for a try on.  Needless to say he didn’t like it! When I put this on him he just stood there and looked at me like What now?!!  What’s so funny is that when I put his handknit sweater on he runs in circles and jumps on the door, he knows that he is going bye-bye!!!   Go figure. >:)



September 12, 2010

9-11 has come again, a time to remember, and a time to reflect on our lives. 3,000 people lost their lives that morning, and 3,000 plus people lost family members instantly. Don’t you think they wish they had those hours back to say what was left unsaid or undone, like “I love you” or more importantly “I’m sorry”? Things we take for granted towards our loved ones should not be taken so. Never forget to say you love someone if the feeling comes over you; for you never are guaranteed a tomorrow.  God Bless our great country.

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August 30, 2010

Labor Day is just around the corner, it feels as though summer has flown by; at least this month! It has been the hottest ever summer here; so hot that camping has ground to a halt: who wants to sit around in air-conditioned because it’s too hot to be outside?! Not me, better off being home! The almanac says that this winter will be a mild one, great I’ll enjoy that!

I went to my first major concert to see Reba McEntire Sat. night. What a concert!! At the last; and I mean the LAST minute my friend texted me;(coward way of not facing me), that she wouldn’t be able to go to the concert. Now mind you she had the “free” tickets and had asked me to go. I was going to spring for the $100.00 per person; gulp,gulp, but she assured me that she got free tickets from the casino and we could go. Wow! OK! I should have known different, it didn’t ring true; and she wasn’t excited , and was vague about it Thursday while I was doing her hair. I thought something was up. Well, it was; Sat.morn. at 6am I get the message, cancelling and how she didn’t want to wake me up but some emergency came up; blah;blah;blah. Little did she know I am an early riser, I got mad then got thinking, she didn’t have free tickets all along, then I got online for tickets. GOD is GOOD; Did I mention GOD IS GOOD? I got 1 seat on the track just several rows from the stage!! I couldn’t believe it!! Ok so now I’m going by myself, I can do this; pull your big panties up and go! And I did, And I loved it!!! Reba sang her new songs ‘Turn the radio on” and her old ones “Does he love you”. As an added perk Barbara Jean from the Reba show opened for her. I didn’t know how funny Melissa Peterman was! Sooo good. I am still on such a real high, I can’t get Reba’s songs outta my mind, and singing all day long! LOL!!  Now let Thursday come and see what I tell my soon to be NOT “friend”.

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July 25, 2010

Did I really wish for hot weather and summer in my last post??!!  Wooh girl, watch out what you wish for, it might come true in a mighty way!! The temps here have reached 100-plus and high humidity too! Too hot for me and especially for my dog-jack. I really would just like a little hot weather 89-90 would be fine, but not this drying out killing flowers weather. It is so bad that my hostas took a beating, I’ve had to cut them down with the lillies they just looked awful!  So goodby see ya next year.                                                                   

My daughter and I went to a Paula Dean show at the Delaware State Fair grounds, I really wanted to see what she looked like in person, well if I paid $100.00 per person to meet and great maybe I would know what she looks like up close, but the cheap-skate that I am; I bowed out. I was contented to just watch her on stage, and she gave a great show, not much cooking but alot of gabbing on her part. It was hot, she was hot everybody was hot, I pitied the people on track seats they were crammed together like sardines, talk about smelling the other person’s “perfume”??!!! LOL!!

I entered the competions this year and the things that I thought were not up to par actually won?? Figure that out! The applesauce cake I entered I was not happy with, I though it had fallen and just wasn’t what I usually make; so I made another one and after looking at the 2nd one, I realized that I had forgotten the sugar!! Aha a diabetic cake!!  Nooo no for the fair-so I entered the first one~~ and lo and behold it won a blue ribbon!!!  My My My….. The blackberry jam and cider jelly didn’t do what I though they should have, I guess the judges tastes are different from mine. But I’m satisfied that I tried.

Now this week I am off work and hopefully will go to the fair Monday and Thursday, I really enjoy walking around and seeing the exhibits. We are really fortunate that a State Fair is close enough that we can go several times. The real trick to beating the heat is to go first thing in the morning~~ you can get up front parking or wait until the sun goes down when it is cooler.

Welcome summer Time

June 20, 2010

Ok, I just can’t keep up with Facebook and this too! I was suprised to see that I haven’t been here since the blizzard of 2010! Well we finally made it to summer!!! YA YA!! My favorite time of the year, I can get outside and stay there! We have been doing alot of camping and have found a great campground; made alot of friends there and met a few new ones. There is something going on every weekend. Last weekend we filled up on steamed clams served on the beach complete with a Luau dance and bonfire.

this was a concert on Friday night, that’s us on the right 2nd couple, it was a blast! Of course our camping wouldn’t be complete without our little “Jack”, he loves it too, from riding bikes with me and graduating to a golf cart, to playing teeter ball, he is a hoot to watch.

Tall Pines special red neck hat.


February 11, 2010

I knew it was too good to be true, it wasn’t over, another snow blizzard hit us on Tues. Another 6 ” on top of the 21″ before. This time it was a complete white out, our street was plowed today but the wind blowing a gale has drifted snow on the road from the farm field. There were 2 trucks stuck and left there. Getting out of our driveway was tricky too; Eddie plowed it for us and then hubby had to go back over it with the truck several times to just keep it open; the wind kept closing it up! And did I mention the fun of digging the dog kennels out AGAIN? Yep complete with digging a path just to get there! I am so ready for summer and 80-90 degrees; I dare anybody to complain! LOL!

Our current mode of transportation!

Blizzard of 2010

February 10, 2010

Well now I am in a 2nd day from work, not for pleasure but because of this beautiful, hateful blizzard. Two storms back to back is not my cup of tea. After the first one hubby and I dug and dug in 21 inches of snow to get out. The driveway was plowed and we literally had to make a path to the dog kennels. This was because 3 -20ft. plus cypress trees had uprooted and fell down. It was down the path and through the wood to get to the dogs. Of course then the lock on the dog house was frozen, now chip away on that to get it open! We noticed that alot of snow was on the roof of their runs so to prevent the roofs from caving in we started digging on the roof. Boy that took all afternoon! One thing for sure, I’m getting my excercise! LOL! I sure need that because all we have been doing since is eat-watch TV-sleep-eat-watch TV-sleep——!

This is the snow on the dog kennels.

The best part is watching my Jack Russell play in the snow. He can’t run very well because it is over his head, but he makes like a jack rabbit hopping around in it. He can really make tracks when he sees that big ole tom cat in the yard!  I had to shovel a small path and a round piece of outhouse for him to use!

Well I guess I’ll be home tomorrow doing the same: digging, digging, digging:<)


December 12, 2009

Me and my brilliant ideas, I wonder why Jerry doesn’t just stop me. I think he enjoys the laughs he gets from me. This year I wanted a different look on my Christmas tree, so I bought all red lights, and used silver and the velvet balls that Jerry’s aunt made. I really thought it would be pretty. It didn’t take long to put up and it was pretty, but it wasn’t very bright. The darker the night got the more misgivings I began to have. Finally at 8:00 pm I turned out all the lights in the house, lit the tree and went outside across the street to look at it…..OMG I had the prettiest red light district tree you have ever seen!!!! Boy was I advertizing big time. Out went the tree lights, closed the bay window drapes and my husband was laughing his head off!!! I told you so, he said!! Well you can just help me retrim it!!! Yea I’ll help you he said.
So the little tree got redecorated with colored lights and it is pretty…really it is!!!


December 12, 2009

Today is a special day in our house hold. One year ago our little Jack Russell puppy was flown to us from Ohio. He was just a little itty bitty thing, just shy of 6 weeks old. He left Ohio at 3pm. for BWI, then was picked up by a transfer car to make the 3 hour trip to Salisbury. It was 9:30 pm. when I finally laid eyes on him. He was in a small pet carrier that was sealed up with plane tickets on it. Looks like he had been around the world! LOL!

When I finally got ahold of the crate and called to him, he never moved at all. All I could think of was: ” He’s dead, He’s dead! The plane ride killed him!! Finally I shook the crate wildly shaking the $#%## out of it, that little puppy lifted his head and looked around; Thank God! He was just plum wore out!! It didn’t take him long to fill out and now he is just my shadow and my best friend.

He thinks Jerry’s not a bad egg either!


November 30, 2009

This year’s thanksgiving was a little quieter and a little smaller than last year.I rented a church hall and had the whole family, his and mine for a great Thanksgiving dinner. That was the first time that everybody were together. It was wonderful!  This year I opted for a smaller dinner. I knew that Chris and her family were going to her inlaws, Michael and his family were going to his brother-in-laws, and Tricia, I felt that she was cooking for her family. So  I had my parents over and asked my brother and his wife to dinner too. Everybody brought something and it was pleasant to use my grandmother’s good china , silverware, and glassware. Mom even washed the dishes for me. We did have an extra guest-my son and his wife and children, he said that he had to have my dinner then go to the other one, mom’s is the best. What flattery! I love it though. I don’t mind, even if they all called and said that they were coming over, there is always room for more. Mom’s house will always be open:)

An added bonus was Kameryn’s birthday would be in 3 days, so we sang Happy Birthday to her and I gave her a birthday present.  She was so surprised! She kept saying” I can’t open a present yet it isn’t my birthday!” I d didn’t take many urging to get her to relent and tear open the present. LOL!