Yesterday was my ex mother-in-laws 1yr. anniversay of her returning to heaven. boy do I miss her. She was the closest to a mom that I have ever known. I truly believe that she didn’t know an enemy! She just didn’t believe in not seeing good in everybody. That is the hardest shoes to walk in. Even in my divorce she made sure that I knew that I was considered her daughter. How humble she made me feel. I will always love her! She understood my needing to back away for my own sanity, we had many long talks about it, and I know she truly understood my hurt, my feelings. But that is water under the bridge, and there are things my children don’t know that she knew, and agreed that the kids needed a loved life, which she happily gave. To her I give my love and thanks for all she did for me.



  1. 1
    Darlene Says:

    I pray that God gives you comfort today. Sorry to hear she is gone, even after a year.

  2. 2
    PJ Mom Says:

    I also pray you have comfort today. I’m very glad she meant so much to you! Having people like that in our lives is certainly a blessing!

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