What a beautiful weekend I’ve had, now it is down to earth! If any of you have ever been to a Women of Faith conference you know what I am talking about. It is what every woman needs, a complete revival of self and God. As I was sitting listening to the “girls” I kept saying to myself: I wish my girls were here, they would have loved it. I kept thinking of my oldest and I knew that she would have adored the conference, so much of it reminded me of her, I guess the Lord was talking to me, because she is so much on my mind lately. I miss her, talking to her, seeing her, but am trying to respect her feelings of not seeing me, it is so hard! But I need to let the Lord lead in this, even though it is breaking my heart.

Robin Mcgraw was one of the guest speakers on Sat.I thought how in the world did she get to speak to women of faith? Boy was I suprised, she is so much a christian and her testimony was alsome! After she spoke there was a comotiion in the background and who do you think came up on stage!? Oh yeah the man himself! Dr. Phil! He suprised her and brought the house DOWN! He is christian and spoke too. The Women of Faith team will be featured on his show on Oct. 3. Watch it!

I am so glad that I went, even though my girlfriend backed out on me at the last minute, what a stress factor, I almost backed out but then decided I’ll go on my own. I am glad that I did, the Lord ministered to me this weekend, I needed his touch soooo much. It is sooooo wonderful! Now I need to remember to carry him around with me all the time!


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