Imagine waking up on a Sunday morning, groggy, before your first cup of coffee, opening the front bay window curtains…… “what in the world is that man doing taking pictures of my house?”  Oh Oh no, we got TOLIET PAPERED last night! Every where toliet paper, trees, mailboxe, hedges. But to top that off, I had little plastic fork & shaving cream ghosts sticking out of the yard everywhere! ( I think they were ghost, otherwise I shudder to think what they could mean.) Now this is happening at 6:30 in the morning, what a great way to put me in a good mood, and even before my cup of cofee! My husband and I worked for about an hour cleaning up the mess, we even found choclate syrup poured on our front steps. Have you ever tried to take toliet paper down from a tree with a pichfork? Not easy, you see this is biogradeable paper, it tears easily!!  Now I just wait for Halloween, I think I will sit on the front porch with my cup of Joe and WAIT!OUR WORLD


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    Leah Says:

    Hi, Sue. Thanks for visiting over at my Blog! 🙂

    We’re actually pretty new to the whole “farming” lifestyle. This is only our second year that we’ve raised pigs and our fist year with chickens. It’s been quite a blessing to have fresh eggs and home-grown sausage for breakfasts.

    Sorry you guys were toilet papered! I wonder why anyone would do that?? It’s just so… nasty!

    Have a great, toilet-papered-tree-free day!
    Leah in Alaska

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