bermuda-cruise-april-2004-087.jpgJust when you don’t expect it, when things are going great, BAM ! BAM! Where did that come from? I’m not talking about a major earthquake, but a slam from a “friend” coworker. I work “on the floor” in a salon. The other day out of nowhere this coworker answered my question with the rudest mouth. She was so totally mouthy that it took me by susprise! This kind of talk is supposed to be taken to the back room, but noooo she wanted everybody to hear her. We kinda got into a heated exchange and I was embarased. for myself and our clients. You see she is a bully, just like they have in school, I thought that this kind of thing is what you grow out of??? I have seen and have been subjected to her mouth before and everybody just laughs it off. I personally think that she is degrading and generally just putting people down to make herself look the BIG SHOT.

Well she hit me on the wrong day, I wasn’t feeling good at all and I just wasn’t going to put up with it anymore. Later that day she came to me in the back room, pushed my shoulder and said.” AW quit pouting, and get over it already. Well fire flew into me and I lit into her. I told her that I’m 54 yrs. old and she would not speak to me in that manner. She said that I hurt her feelings last week????? I don’t remember it but I apologized anyway. She mumbled something smart, and then I decided to stand up for my self, and told her that she has no right to talk to me that way, and I would not put up with her mouth anymore. Well that shut her up for the day! Some would say that that was her way of saying I’m sorry, but hey grow up and learn to treat people right. She is not a Christian and she makes it hard for me keep my faith around her, I get sooo mad! Any suggestions would be appreciated. I know my God would want me to be humble towards her , but I really feel that He doesn’t want me to be trampled on by her either.

My prayer: Lord help me to keep my faith front and forward in my work place , and give me the strength to show it always. Amen


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    eph2810 Says:

    I know it is hard to keep smiling and be kind to some ‘unlovalbe’ people. Especially in the work place. Just keep thinking about Him when you have to deal with her — how He would react.

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