Just what is the shape of my faith? This is something that I wonder about. Most times I can say, I have great faith. Other times, especially in hard times, my faith tries to waver. I know now that my faith should be fully grounded in me, deep down in my very soul. But that ole mean man, the devil loves to come creeping into my thoughts, undermining my faith. The great thing about faith is ; it won’t let go of me. In my darkest times, when I doubt the outcome of a situation, or a family member has hurt my heart, that is when I feel the warm fuzzy feeling of secureness. That is when I go to the Lord and pray for his loving hands to envelope me in the biggest bear hug of all. That is where I find the shape of my faith, right there wrapped up in HIM.


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    eph2810 Says:

    Isn’t it grant that we are sealed with His Holy Spirit and can rely on His guidance when we are weak?

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