As I was reading the daily post on the Laced With Grace site, I found myself remembering things in the past, dangerous to do! I remember reading this passage and praying, begging, hoping that it was true. After 20 years, I can look back and see that, indeed it is true. Having to raise 3 kids by myself, I can see where God had his hand in our lives. If it hadn’t been for my blind faith in God, I shudder to think where we would be today. There were many lean times, questioning times, and just plain wore out times, but he was there. If I were to ask my children today, (20 years later) if they remember the hard times, I doubt that they would call it hard times, they have many good loving memories. For that I am soooo grateful. I didn’t want them to be hurt anymore that possible. God was there for all the small things as well as the biggees. I can honestly say today that my model is:” I CAN DO EVERYTHING THROUGH CHRIST MY SAVIOUR.                                        AMEN



  1. 1
    eph2810 Says:

    Isn’t it wonderful to have Someone to lean on? I know that I had some rough moments in my life, but I know that I can always call on our Savior. :smile:.

  2. 2
    Ame Says:

    Wow … twenty years later … thank you for visiting me and emailing me. Your words and your life are encouraging to me. Some think I fell off my rocker over the holidays and I shouldn’t have because I’m so blessed. It’s hard for people to understand the alone-ness of being a single mom – different from the lonliness, which is there, too, but different, you know? The feeling that there’s no one here but me. Sometimes I’m okay and sometimes I’m not. But your words are true, it’s all by the grace of God who is more than able, so I lean on Him … hoping for a day when we are loved as we should have been all along. Again, thank you … your words are very much appreciated.

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