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November 30, 2006

We welcomed a new addition to our family today. She is a 9 week old beagle puppy. Her name is Dottie, I call her Dottie Rambo because she sings loud and vibrate like Dottie Rambo! You ask what is so special about this? Well around here we have a revolving door in our kennel. I never know who or what will be in the kennel from one day to the next, so I just kept checking. Last night hubby informed me that we had an overnight guest in our kennel(now he is telling me this after a 12 hour work day at 9:00pm,I am dead tired!) He knew perfectly well that I was too tired to go look. But 6:00am I flew out there. She is a beauty! I get to play and love and cuddle her to get her used to human contact. You see alot of these dogs are born and live in a pen without alot of handling, not ours, no way, not if I have any thing to do with it! I mess with them until they are about 9mo.-1yr. old, then they are ready to hit the field for training. It is really awesome to watch a pup go hunting the first few times. This is repeated through out the year, we sell some , trade some, show some, it is really a neat thing. The trust that comes automatically with a pup reminds me of our trust in God, complete.



November 27, 2006

merry-christmas-button.gifThe big day is over, finally! I am so stuffed and soooo tired! Isn’t it funny how preparations are easier than the cleanup? We have celebrated Thanksgiving twice this year, and it was great. The real one was full of family and children, I truly had a ball, seeing my grandchildren, talking to them,(actually they do all the talking, they are so excited), and just having family fellowship. Sunday I had dinner and invited everyone over. We had sooo much food left over maybe I can call them all over again? Now I’m looking forword to Christmas, the lights, music, SHOPPING, and seeing friends I haven’t seen in ages. The only downfall of this is WORK! As the holidays come closer my clients get more demanding, I guess they are feeling  anxious about their Christmas too. But I will get through this too. This year I am wearing a button on my shirt all through the pre-Christmas holidays that says: MERRY CHRISTMAS  IT’S WORTH SAYING It has a picture of Mary and baby Jesus. I got these from the American Family Association to promote saying Merry Christmas instead of the general Happy Holidays . These are great witnessing tools when you are shopping and greeting the clerks.  So off I go!


November 25, 2006

thanksgiving-day-turkey.jpgThanksgiving Day was filling! I love the family confusion, food, and all of it! AS if that wasn’t enough, I am having dinner Sunday. The traditional feast again, only this time they are coming here. Some of the food will be different, but just as good. God is so good, even in times of sadness; I miss one of my children but I lift them up everyday in prayer. I know that God will straighten this whole mess up, and I am giving it up to him. I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving weekend. Rest up though because Christmas is only 30 days ahead.


November 22, 2006

While browsing through the web , I came across a new web site. Ever heard of The Blue Thong Society? When I hadn’t either. A friend of mine is a red hatter, but this was something else. This is for women who don’t want to frump into middle age. It’s a hoot. Check out the  You just never know what you will find out there.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, I want to wish everybody a wonderful family filled, blessing filled, and most of all love filled day. Eat, be merry, then fall on the couch! Have a blessed day.


November 12, 2006

eagle-flag.jpgYesterday was a day of great remembrance. We attended a funeral of a veteran. How appropriate that he should be buried on veteran’s day. He wasn’t just a retired army man, he actually was a POW. the stories that he told us about his time in “camp” would make you shudder. He had scars to prove that the treatment wasn’t the Hilton. The picture is sooo good I had to share it. See the American flag on the mountain? With the eagle soaring towards heaven? I pray that our friend is walking and rejoicing in heaven with our heavenly father.

We just don’t realize the sacrifice and the pain that our men go through during wartime, just so that we can be free! I want to thank our friend for all he did for me in order that I may be free. Just as Jesus died to give me freedom. amen


November 6, 2006

Isn’t it funny how God leads you to a place where he wants your undivided attention? We have been looking for a new church home. My husband saw a church nearby and suggested that we go Sunday morn. Now we are used to a big church and I saw that this was an older small church. I wasn’t to sure it would fit us. Well I was surely surprised! The pastor’s sermon blew me away! It was on sacrifice. He talked about Abraham and Isaac. The supreme sacrifice for a parent, could I have done that? NOOOO way, not my precious child, He’s mine! But isn’t that just what the Lord God did for US! Jesus was his beloved, just as my children are mine. Something to think about. But in reality God didn’t want Isaac’s life-he wanted something much greater: Abraham’s total commitment, total love, and his evermore reliance on his heavenly father. That is what I got from the sermon, God doesn’t want me to sacrifice anything but me to him!


November 1, 2006

Halloween is over, thank God. I don’t mean to be an old sport, but I just don’t enjoy Halloween anymore. When the kids were little it was fun to celebrate through their eye, but now as I am OLDER-ugh- I have lost interest in it. I don’t enjoy seeing the ghoulish, evilest, costumes, and the actions of some people just plain turn me off. I’m sure God hates it too.

But now the holidays that I love are coming. Thanksgiving is one that I love. I enjoy having my children come with their kids for a big feast. Not too many years ago I lived in a tiny little house,(if you put 6 people in it , that was too many!) and I couldn’t have a dinner. Now that I have a bigger house I want them ALL to come! My poor husband needs a nerve pill when all the brood comes in. He is not used to a big family, and the great guy that he is, he braves it like a trooper. It is not unusual for people to graze at the buffet table and then go stand and eat. I love it, my husband says he has never seen me happier than moving around talking and laughing with my family. He is right , I am in my glory then. You never know who will not be here next year, is this the last time I will see them?, so I hold it very dear to my heart to see my family. So I guess I will start baking pies and other things before the big day. can you just smell them?