Halloween is over, thank God. I don’t mean to be an old sport, but I just don’t enjoy Halloween anymore. When the kids were little it was fun to celebrate through their eye, but now as I am OLDER-ugh- I have lost interest in it. I don’t enjoy seeing the ghoulish, evilest, costumes, and the actions of some people just plain turn me off. I’m sure God hates it too.

But now the holidays that I love are coming. Thanksgiving is one that I love. I enjoy having my children come with their kids for a big feast. Not too many years ago I lived in a tiny little house,(if you put 6 people in it , that was too many!) and I couldn’t have a dinner. Now that I have a bigger house I want them ALL to come! My poor husband needs a nerve pill when all the brood comes in. He is not used to a big family, and the great guy that he is, he braves it like a trooper. It is not unusual for people to graze at the buffet table and then go stand and eat. I love it, my husband says he has never seen me happier than moving around talking and laughing with my family. He is right , I am in my glory then. You never know who will not be here next year, is this the last time I will see them?, so I hold it very dear to my heart to see my family. So I guess I will start baking pies and other things before the big day. can you just smell them?



  1. 1
    Pamela Says:

    Sue, it is wonderful that you can look back on the lean times with love and appreciation for your family. It is so nice to get the family together for the holidays. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I can smell those pies! hehe!

  2. 2

    My first visit but I enjoyed reading about your Thanksgiving tradition. God has really blessed you and your family.

  3. 3
    Sue Says:

    Stopping in to say thanks for visiting me! I do enjoy each holiday and it’s made more special with family to help celebrate, isn’t it!

  4. 4

    I can tell that you are excited having your family come to town 🙂

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