Isn’t it funny how God leads you to a place where he wants your undivided attention? We have been looking for a new church home. My husband saw a church nearby and suggested that we go Sunday morn. Now we are used to a big church and I saw that this was an older small church. I wasn’t to sure it would fit us. Well I was surely surprised! The pastor’s sermon blew me away! It was on sacrifice. He talked about Abraham and Isaac. The supreme sacrifice for a parent, could I have done that? NOOOO way, not my precious child, He’s mine! But isn’t that just what the Lord God did for US! Jesus was his beloved, just as my children are mine. Something to think about. But in reality God didn’t want Isaac’s life-he wanted something much greater: Abraham’s total commitment, total love, and his evermore reliance on his heavenly father. That is what I got from the sermon, God doesn’t want me to sacrifice anything but me to him!



  1. 1

    Yes – He wants us to be in tune with Him 🙂

  2. 2
    Holly Says:

    Hi! Thanks so much for visiting! 🙂 I often think the same thing when I hear of Abraham and Isaac…no way! I couldn’t have that kind of faith! And yet, as you said…God wants all of us. Every bit of us!

  3. 3

    That sounds like an awesome sermon. So… will you go back to this smaller church. Keep us posted.

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