eagle-flag.jpgYesterday was a day of great remembrance. We attended a funeral of a veteran. How appropriate that he should be buried on veteran’s day. He wasn’t just a retired army man, he actually was a POW. the stories that he told us about his time in “camp” would make you shudder. He had scars to prove that the treatment wasn’t the Hilton. The picture is sooo good I had to share it. See the American flag on the mountain? With the eagle soaring towards heaven? I pray that our friend is walking and rejoicing in heaven with our heavenly father.

We just don’t realize the sacrifice and the pain that our men go through during wartime, just so that we can be free! I want to thank our friend for all he did for me in order that I may be free. Just as Jesus died to give me freedom. amen


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  1. That is a beautiful picture! And yes, it is appropriate that he be buried on Veterans Day. Now you will always remember him when we celebrate this day!

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