merry-christmas-button.gifThe big day is over, finally! I am so stuffed and soooo tired! Isn’t it funny how preparations are easier than the cleanup? We have celebrated Thanksgiving twice this year, and it was great. The real one was full of family and children, I truly had a ball, seeing my grandchildren, talking to them,(actually they do all the talking, they are so excited), and just having family fellowship. Sunday I had dinner and invited everyone over. We had sooo much food left over maybe I can call them all over again? Now I’m looking forword to Christmas, the lights, music, SHOPPING, and seeing friends I haven’t seen in ages. The only downfall of this is WORK! As the holidays come closer my clients get more demanding, I guess they are feeling  anxious about their Christmas too. But I will get through this too. This year I am wearing a button on my shirt all through the pre-Christmas holidays that says: MERRY CHRISTMAS  IT’S WORTH SAYING It has a picture of Mary and baby Jesus. I got these from the American Family Association to promote saying Merry Christmas instead of the general Happy Holidays . These are great witnessing tools when you are shopping and greeting the clerks.  So off I go!



  1. 1
    Pamela Says:

    Sue, I am so glad you enjoyed spending precious time together with your family! Hey, why didn’t I think of inviting them all back again for round 2, hehe! Instead I sent them all home with leftovers, not to be seen in a while! lol

    Love the button! Great message! Merry Christmas is so worth saying! 🙂

  2. 2
    chelle Says:

    Glad your holiday was nice.

    That button is very pretty!

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