We welcomed a new addition to our family today. She is a 9 week old beagle puppy. Her name is Dottie, I call her Dottie Rambo because she sings loud and vibrate like Dottie Rambo! You ask what is so special about this? Well around here we have a revolving door in our kennel. I never know who or what will be in the kennel from one day to the next, so I just kept checking. Last night hubby informed me that we had an overnight guest in our kennel(now he is telling me this after a 12 hour work day at 9:00pm,I am dead tired!) He knew perfectly well that I was too tired to go look. But 6:00am I flew out there. She is a beauty! I get to play and love and cuddle her to get her used to human contact. You see alot of these dogs are born and live in a pen without alot of handling, not ours, no way, not if I have any thing to do with it! I mess with them until they are about 9mo.-1yr. old, then they are ready to hit the field for training. It is really awesome to watch a pup go hunting the first few times. This is repeated through out the year, we sell some , trade some, show some, it is really a neat thing. The trust that comes automatically with a pup reminds me of our trust in God, complete.



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    Pamela Says:

    Sue, I am so glad you handle yours and give them human companionship. I love animals and just can’t stand it when they are mistreated. I saw a documentary on training hunting dogs. It is fascinating and the dogs are so smart and proud of themselves! 🙂 A lot of work but very rewarding!

  2. Beagles are the best! Have fun! They are a lot of work and very “head strong” but a joy to have! Enjoy your new pup!

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