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January 31, 2007

stove.jpgBRRRR, it’s way tooo cold for me! As much as I love the snow, I really don’t like the cold weather! I just don’t enjoy layering on and on and on like a polar bear just to be able to go somewhere or even sitting around the house. I guess I have complained so much that hubby put in a free standing gas fireplace. Now that is more like it! Just imagine standing with your backside up close to the fire,lol love it love it!!! The only difference is that hubby is taking layers off and off because he is dressed for the weather! Boy talk about opposites attracting! We are the max. I love summer and he hates it, He likes winter and I hate it! God knew what he was doing by putting us together to learn patience! This is what I now snuggle up to, poor hubby he just lost out to another love—–heat!



January 22, 2007

100_0129_edited.jpgFinally, some snow!! Ya Ya. The first of the year. I can remember when the snow started before Thanksgiving and we were hoping for a white Christmas. Even when my kids were young when the first flake was spotted; a mad dash for hats, mittens ect. They were wild about it. We really didn’t have a sled, or maybe just one for 3 kids, but they found other “sleds”, anything that was slippery would do.It seems that now we don’t have the snow that we had then, and I really miss it. I was really tickled to receive this pic. It seems as though they still know how to have fun in the snow!lol


January 15, 2007

Along with everybody else,I am trying to lose weight and have joined the National Body Challenge. It sounded so great you log in and create your own fitness routine, your meals and have lots of great tips. I must admit I have spent more time reading the site, looking at the exercises the menu plan than I have been exercising I even bought a video of “EASY” exercising. How dumb! I watched it the first time, said this is a piece of cake! Well I pulled a muscle! Don’t know how but I did. As I followed the routine, I thought, boy she is going tooo fast!  I finished the video and was wiped out! So begins my quest. I am determined to try again, so the treadmill is dusted off, the bands are ready and here I go again, but this time at a slower pace! I am really feeling my age now! That goes to show that our minds think one thing and the body says “Whoa now, whats ya doing to me?!” Go to and check it out for yourself and maybe be a new you in 8 weeks. Are ya chicken?


January 13, 2007


I came across this picture and it speaks alot of things to me. Cozy, warm, love, friendship. It speaks volumes of acceptance. Although not alike in size, looks, or temperament are these “friends”. If only people would be more accepting of the opposite person. Just because we think a certain way doesn’t mean that the other person will agree with you. The hardest thing I think for people to do is to : agree to disagree. It would save allot  of arguing hurt feelings, just acknowledge that the other person doesn’t always agree with you and leave it at that. After all who said that what you said or believe is the gospel? Maybe you are wrong just a little bit? Having an open mind towards others would make this life just a little easier and heavens above it would make it nicer! Where I work there are a few that always think that it is their way or the highway. Needless to say I wish that this world was perfect, but alas won’t be until the day of rapture! Until then practice listening to the other person, and try to see their point before getting mad or blowing them off.


January 7, 2007


Smile your on candid camera! I didn’t have any great happening today, so it’s your turn. Happy Sunday.

I AM…….

January 6, 2007

As I was visiting The Imperfect Christian, she had this on her site, and invited fellow bloggers to try it, So here goes:

I am the one who always tries to be the peacemaker.

I admit I am not as strong minded as I want people to see.
I have chosen to follow my God, his gentle nudgings , his not so soft shoves, and  his grace.
I may never acomplish all of the things I dream of doing.
When I check inside my heart, I see a great love for my children, and my husband. ( I’m really a pushover)
I believe in the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.
I pay attention to other peoples feelings.
I want to be remembered for always being kind,loving,and dependable.
I have never been overseas,(don’t want to either)
I am still learning things that God wants me to learn.
I am me, just little ole me, not pretend,not snobbish just me.
Wow this made me think about my answers. Some may sound silly to others, but when you are thinking about YOURSELF INSIDE it is hard to describe. Try it.


January 2, 2007

Whew, it’s over! What a whirlwind! I’m sooo tired! But loved every minute of the Holidays! I guess I’m just a glutton for punishment, I do it every year, and then look forward to the next Christmas. It is my favorite time of the year, I loved having my family here for Christmas day dinner,yes it was crowded,yes it was mass confusion, yes it was great. My poor husband just sat in the corner and watched the wrapping paper fly! Nothing can compare to pictures of my grandson pushing his new John Deere lawnmower, (with blankie over his shoulder), all over my kitchen floor,or my granddaughter having tea (with her new doll) with her greatgrandmother. These are memories that will never fade. However it was also sad to not have my oldest daughter with us. I wish that this new year will bring changes so that all the family can be together.

Today is the beginning of the end! I really mean it this time! Out with this baggage! Today I signed up for the Discovery Challenge from the Discovery Network TV show. It is really neat, the BMI is calculated,UGH! and they tell you how much you need to lose,(no telling), and how many calories you need to consume. There is a fitness site. It is for 8 weeks. Well we will see.