I AM…….

As I was visiting The Imperfect Christian, she had this on her site, and invited fellow bloggers to try it, So here goes:

I am the one who always tries to be the peacemaker.

I admit I am not as strong minded as I want people to see.
I have chosen to follow my God, his gentle nudgings , his not so soft shoves, and  his grace.
I may never acomplish all of the things I dream of doing.
When I check inside my heart, I see a great love for my children, and my husband. ( I’m really a pushover)
I believe in the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.
I pay attention to other peoples feelings.
I want to be remembered for always being kind,loving,and dependable.
I have never been overseas,(don’t want to either)
I am still learning things that God wants me to learn.
I am me, just little ole me, not pretend,not snobbish just me.
Wow this made me think about my answers. Some may sound silly to others, but when you are thinking about YOURSELF INSIDE it is hard to describe. Try it.


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  1. Great list! Thanks for participating! I’m glad it made you think! I rarely do memes, but I love writing prompts!

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