I came across this picture and it speaks alot of things to me. Cozy, warm, love, friendship. It speaks volumes of acceptance. Although not alike in size, looks, or temperament are these “friends”. If only people would be more accepting of the opposite person. Just because we think a certain way doesn’t mean that the other person will agree with you. The hardest thing I think for people to do is to : agree to disagree. It would save allot  of arguing hurt feelings, just acknowledge that the other person doesn’t always agree with you and leave it at that. After all who said that what you said or believe is the gospel? Maybe you are wrong just a little bit? Having an open mind towards others would make this life just a little easier and heavens above it would make it nicer! Where I work there are a few that always think that it is their way or the highway. Needless to say I wish that this world was perfect, but alas won’t be until the day of rapture! Until then practice listening to the other person, and try to see their point before getting mad or blowing them off.


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