Along with everybody else,I am trying to lose weight and have joined the National Body Challenge. It sounded so great you log in and create your own fitness routine, your meals and have lots of great tips. I must admit I have spent more time reading the site, looking at the exercises the menu plan than I have been exercising I even bought a video of “EASY” exercising. How dumb! I watched it the first time, said this is a piece of cake! Well I pulled a muscle! Don’t know how but I did. As I followed the routine, I thought, boy she is going tooo fast!  I finished the video and was wiped out! So begins my quest. I am determined to try again, so the treadmill is dusted off, the bands are ready and here I go again, but this time at a slower pace! I am really feeling my age now! That goes to show that our minds think one thing and the body says “Whoa now, whats ya doing to me?!” Go to www.healthdiscovery.com and check it out for yourself and maybe be a new you in 8 weeks. Are ya chicken?


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    Greg Todd Says:

    I’m trying to lose 100 lbs this year.

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