stove.jpgBRRRR, it’s way tooo cold for me! As much as I love the snow, I really don’t like the cold weather! I just don’t enjoy layering on and on and on like a polar bear just to be able to go somewhere or even sitting around the house. I guess I have complained so much that hubby put in a free standing gas fireplace. Now that is more like it! Just imagine standing with your backside up close to the fire,lol love it love it!!! The only difference is that hubby is taking layers off and off because he is dressed for the weather! Boy talk about opposites attracting! We are the max. I love summer and he hates it, He likes winter and I hate it! God knew what he was doing by putting us together to learn patience! This is what I now snuggle up to, poor hubby he just lost out to another love—–heat!


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    Holly Says:

    Hey Sue, THAT looks great! What a pretty fireplace. I grew up with wood heat…love it! It is a much warmer heat.

    And I can surely relate to the opposite thing! My husband is always warm-blooded – I’m always cold. 🙂

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