As I was watching a Gaither program tonight, I was struck with awe. Have you noticed that some of the songs just go straight to your heart?! As the camera pans around to the others singing, you can see the tears streaming down their faces, others have their faces uplifted and eyes closed. How is it that these songs have such an impact on us. It always amazes me how the holy spirit works. He is in everyone of these praise songs. The words are not just sung they are coming from within our heart, our very soul to worship our holy God. I know when I sing these songs, my eyes automatically close and my hand goes up, in worship. The fullness I feel inside is full worship for my Lord. Enough that  the tears just come. Oh how some of our churches are losing this. The ones that I have been visiting seem to think that the songs HAVE to be loud and certainly HAVE to have drums beating too. Now mind you I don’t mean to criticize but gee, how can you get into a worship mood when you are boogieing around?! How I wish there was some ole southern gospel music loving church around my area, I would faint dead away in AWE! But I will keep looking. In the mean time my CD will be on in the car, turning my eyes, and ears upon Jesus.


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    eph2810 Says:

    I agree – there some awesome old hymns that I still love to sing 🙂
    Thank you for your sweet note today.

    Blessings on your Friday and always.

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