Sunday afternoon play date. It is raining, sleeting, some snow, icky afternoon. Thank goodness we went to the early morning church service before all of this started. Hubby is watching ,what else, but the Nascar race, and I am just diddling. I love it, sometime you just have to get off the track race and sloooow down. Naturally I couldn’t resist my blog friends. Iris, at Sting My Heart had the cutest icon on her page, and told how to get it, so I just had to hop over and try it out, how cute! I enjoy her blog because she is so humble but very knowledgeable, blessings to her.

I have just found and have read 2 of Beverly Lewis’ novels. They are so refreshing to read. One was,”The Postcard, and the other was,”The Crossing”. It is a story of a young Amish girl that was tragically widowed, and how she found God’s grace through it. Wonderful.

. It makes you realize that they have their problems just the same as we do, but they solve their problems with God’s help, word, and prayer. Try and read them,you will receive a blessing.


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    eph2810 Says:

    I love your little Su-Su. It is fun to just diddle sometime 🙂
    I love to read, but for some reason I don’t find time for it…

    Thank you for your kind words, Sue.

    Blessings on your week ahead.

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