This week we celebrated our wedding anniversary,sure this is a yearly event that you don’t have to actually make a deal out of; but, I truly cherish this marriage. I intend to celebrate it every year, clear up to ????? How many years do we have?, only the good lord knows how many days, years we have together. The final year may be tomorrow, I don’t know, but I will say that it was blessed by God.

It has been a long hard road to this life of mine. When I married the first time, in my mind it was forever, after all we were childhood sweethearts! But to do this we first must grow up and mature. Neither of us were capable of a lifetime of ups and downs and all that life will hand you. The day it ended I thought I had died. Everything I believed died with it. I ranted and raved and cried to God, “Why me, what have I done that was sooo terrible?!” I think I did that for almost all of the 19 years that I was by myself. I think back now how in the world did I raise my 3 children and keep my sanity. I didn’t—God kept me, held me up, wiped my tears, heard my prayers, my pleas for relief. I thought that God had forgotten me.

It wasn’t until my children were raised and on their own that God led me to meet the man who would change my life totally. I would have never picked him out by myself, but God saw that our hearts would be good together. And so it has been, I have the complete knowledge that this man loves me from the bottom of his heart, I do believe he would move mountains for me. I feel the same about him. Loving someone isn’t just about feelings but it is about putting that person into your heart, soul, and mind. The most important thing for a marriage I feel is to be totally dependent on God first. We made a prayer that God will always rule our marriage and we pray about things, and our families. I am so blessed. thank you God for giving me a second chance.


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    eph2810 Says:

    What a beautiful post, Sue. Yes, sometimes it is hard to accept the things God has in store for us, but He knows best. Your children are blessed to have a mom like you…to raise them on your own. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and happy belated anniversary from my heart to yours.

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