Biltmore Mansion

Hubby and I have just returned from a great relaxing jaunt. We hopped on a bus with a load of friends and went south. We made a stop at the Biltmore Mansion in Asheville N.C. I just couldn’t believe how big this place was. Awesome doesn’t describe it. We took the self guided tour and went up and down all 4 floors , I must admit I oggled  the whole time. It is amazing that one family has this much money, and antiques. There were priceless antiques and artwork in the mansion. They even have what they call a “Winter Garden” with a glass roof that illuminates the center fountain sculpture. This is where the family spent allot of time. There are 250 rooms, 33 family and guest bedrooms, 43 bathrooms, 65fireplaces, 3 kitchens and indoor swimming pool, bowling alley, with 4 acres of floor space. Wow, no way do I want to clean this one! But as much as I loved being there, I love my little cozy home much better. Oh well a woman can dream can’t she! LOL!

We left there and went on the Blue Ridge Parkway through the Blue Ridge Mountains, Oh such beautiful sights! It amazes me how the good Lord made this so breathtaking! It made me say a thankyou prayer right there. We followed it down into Tenn. to the Smoke Mountains. It is really true that they look like a wisp of smoke coming across them, Gorgeous! mountains.jpg This trip was truly the most relaxing time for both of us, which we really needed, coupled with the fun of friends and a tour guide that was just great (he is a great friend too), down to the bus driver that my hubby found out that he knew

 years ago. Small world! I truly recommend a trip like this especially with gas at $3.00 , no fighting traffic, hotel reservations taken care of, restaurant reservations waiting for you, no hassle, no troubles , just enjoyment. Hubby enjoyed it so much he surprised me by saying,” They are going to Savanna Ga. next, are we going too?!” HuH!  Yep, let me get the suitcase packed, see YA!!!!



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