It’s finally summer, YA. I’m not one for winter, and cold weather, I am forever complaining about having to wear soooo many clothes, jackets, hat, etc. I nearly free when we go to the Amish auctions,(course hubby says if I would wear silk unders and wool socks with my boots I wouldn’t get so cold, BALONEY!!! I feel like a big balloon! Just give me hot weather, I can always take off down to shorts, tee, and definitely bare feet. Now we are talking. Nights after work will find me on the screened in porch, barefoot, sprawled out on the wicker sofa reading with my glass of wine! Heavenly!!!

The only downside is the yard work. Bah. Between the yard,the dogs, and the garden it keeps us busy. Memorial Day weekend we spent working on the flowers, the garden, mulching, planting, watering and just general maintenance. It was so nice to be able to spend 4 days at home with no schedule to follow, just do as I pleased. Just to drop off of the rat race for a time. I look forward to retirement, but hubby said that I would be bored come winter. I wonder, I guess he is afraid that I would drive him crazy with “honey do list” LOL! Oh well I guess I can make do with working 3 days and having the rest off to spend with him. This I enjoy very much because we have so much fun together, we never know where we are going to end up!  Thank you Lord for this time in my life, I am truly blessed.


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