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July 29, 2007

Today is pick up day at the fair. It is officially over for this year. It has been a great 10day run. I have been up there at least 4 times this year and every-time I’ve seen something different. There is something for everybody to see, eat, ride and just enjoy. I took my granddaughter one day and saw the fair through her eyes, boy that was fun, tiring but fun. We didn’t stop from 9am til about 4pm when mom-mom & pop-pop Jerry said we are tired-low and behold she said I am soo tired too lets go. LOL!!!

ribbons.jpgI won 4 ribbons this year and am tickled with that. I was totally blown away when I saw what won best in show and took all blue ribbons. It was a simple half pint jar of pineapple and coconut syrup. Nothing fancy about the jar or the lid. When I picked up my jars this morning I asked the judge how they picked that item. Her words were:”Absolutely, lip smacking, um-um good!” I guess that says it all. I know that girl is in 7th heaven, I know I would be! If you have a chance to go to a state fair, or even a county fair, please go, you just might be pleasantly surprised!



July 24, 2007

Got your attention huh! I just can’t help it. I get excited over the small things—like winning blue ribbons! I just found out that out of 8 things that I entered in the fair I won 1st place. I won 3 blue and 1 3rd place. Not bad for a girl that has been a city girl all of her growing up. Since my marriage I have learned so much about a farm, animals, and found that I enjoy canning and perserving. I started out with strawberry jam the first year and was suprised when everybody in my family loved it! The next year I got adventursome and made Raspberry,peach,strawberry and blueberry. To my suprise they all won, but the coup-de-grace was the Raspberry, it won best in show and had a trophy  for it! Blew me away, I have never won a trophy, let alone for one small jar of jam! LOLlogo.jpgIt is such good fun. Although I really think that an investigation is in order, I just know that my pepper relish looks as good as the one that won! Oh well there is always another fair, lets see yup there’s one in my good ole hometown, maybe this ole girl can do better there.??? Such fun


July 6, 2007

flowergirl1.jpgsusan-chris-wedding.jpgTomorrow is a very special day for a very special girl in my family. It will be a milestone for her, SWEET SIXTEEN!! I just can not believe it, time has flown by! When I look at her I see that little thing laying in the hospital crib, and with wonder thinking “I’M a GRANDMOTHER”. Oh my I can’t believe it! But within a few minutes she has won my heart forever. Boy, Susan You came quickly into this life,  had all of us runing around like chickens without heads ,quess you just couldn’t wait to get started on this wild and wonderful life! I look back on these pictures and see how my little princess has grown and changed into a beautiful young woman. (That scares me, I wish I could protect you from everything, ) but I think that you will be ok. I am so very proud of you and  I know that you will grow to be a very capable young woman, maybe a Marine? (Sorry Mom, couldn’t resist that). Susan I want you to know that I love you dearly and will help you through this ole life all that I can, providing that it doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg! Have a great birthday!!! Love ya lots.


July 3, 2007

momwedding.jpgMy daughter graciously has sent me a reworked wedding pic. I think it is great, scrap-booking is something that I know nothing about, let alone digital scrap-booking!  thanks Tricia. I could have taken the other down, but what the heck, I’ll just leave it and post this one to.

Happy Fourth of July. we are going to be in a parade tomorrow all decorated up with the stars and stripes! I hope I don’t fall off the sulky! Or hubby doesn’t keep looking back to see if I am still behind the tractor! This is such a HOOT and a load of fun. There will be hamburgers, hot-dogs, and my favorite HOMEMADE ICE-CREAM! I just love the old fashion way of celebrating the fourth. Have a Happy Fourth!


July 3, 2007

momweddingcopy.jpgSadly it seems that  my prior post has caused some confusion, that was not the intent. The post was just a small sampling of our (blended) world. Our family is so big that I really don’t have a pic of everybody together, ( some haven’t even met each other). In a family this big changes are bound to happen, sometimes I can’t even keep up with them. Children are born, significat others change, marriages change etc. In the pic there are several  things that are different today than they were then. Several childred were not born yet, girlfriends-boyfriends have changed, stepchildren were not in this pic, my poor new hubby wasn’t even in it! The bottom line is that this is just one of my wedding pics showing my children and how happy we were that day, that is what it is all about nothing more. My happy day.