momweddingcopy.jpgSadly it seems that  my prior post has caused some confusion, that was not the intent. The post was just a small sampling of our (blended) world. Our family is so big that I really don’t have a pic of everybody together, ( some haven’t even met each other). In a family this big changes are bound to happen, sometimes I can’t even keep up with them. Children are born, significat others change, marriages change etc. In the pic there are several  things that are different today than they were then. Several childred were not born yet, girlfriends-boyfriends have changed, stepchildren were not in this pic, my poor new hubby wasn’t even in it! The bottom line is that this is just one of my wedding pics showing my children and how happy we were that day, that is what it is all about nothing more. My happy day.


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    Trish Says:

    Mom, I dont even think that you needed to post this explanation. Because I understood the point of your orginal post and that is all the matters. I got it 😉

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