flowergirl1.jpgsusan-chris-wedding.jpgTomorrow is a very special day for a very special girl in my family. It will be a milestone for her, SWEET SIXTEEN!! I just can not believe it, time has flown by! When I look at her I see that little thing laying in the hospital crib, and with wonder thinking “I’M a GRANDMOTHER”. Oh my I can’t believe it! But within a few minutes she has won my heart forever. Boy, Susan You came quickly into this life,  had all of us runing around like chickens without heads ,quess you just couldn’t wait to get started on this wild and wonderful life! I look back on these pictures and see how my little princess has grown and changed into a beautiful young woman. (That scares me, I wish I could protect you from everything, ) but I think that you will be ok. I am so very proud of you and  I know that you will grow to be a very capable young woman, maybe a Marine? (Sorry Mom, couldn’t resist that). Susan I want you to know that I love you dearly and will help you through this ole life all that I can, providing that it doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg! Have a great birthday!!! Love ya lots.


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    Trish Says:

    Wahhhhh 16 Mom, can you believe it! Remember me at 16? Time does fly. She loves you very much, and she is beautiful, just like her name sake 😉

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