Got your attention huh! I just can’t help it. I get excited over the small things—like winning blue ribbons! I just found out that out of 8 things that I entered in the fair I won 1st place. I won 3 blue and 1 3rd place. Not bad for a girl that has been a city girl all of her growing up. Since my marriage I have learned so much about a farm, animals, and found that I enjoy canning and perserving. I started out with strawberry jam the first year and was suprised when everybody in my family loved it! The next year I got adventursome and made Raspberry,peach,strawberry and blueberry. To my suprise they all won, but the coup-de-grace was the Raspberry, it won best in show and had a trophy  for it! Blew me away, I have never won a trophy, let alone for one small jar of jam! LOLlogo.jpgIt is such good fun. Although I really think that an investigation is in order, I just know that my pepper relish looks as good as the one that won! Oh well there is always another fair, lets see yup there’s one in my good ole hometown, maybe this ole girl can do better there.??? Such fun



  1. 1

    that is awesome! congrats! i bet it is delicious, i love your strawberry jam 🙂

  2. 2
    Trish Says:

    Your jam is the best Mom! BTW can I have some? TeeHee!

  3. 3
    selbysue Says:

    Hummmmm, maybe an auction is in order for a jar of jam????!!! Or maybe just a little brown nosing???? Ha! Ha! Thanks

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