Today is pick up day at the fair. It is officially over for this year. It has been a great 10day run. I have been up there at least 4 times this year and every-time I’ve seen something different. There is something for everybody to see, eat, ride and just enjoy. I took my granddaughter one day and saw the fair through her eyes, boy that was fun, tiring but fun. We didn’t stop from 9am til about 4pm when mom-mom & pop-pop Jerry said we are tired-low and behold she said I am soo tired too lets go. LOL!!!

ribbons.jpgI won 4 ribbons this year and am tickled with that. I was totally blown away when I saw what won best in show and took all blue ribbons. It was a simple half pint jar of pineapple and coconut syrup. Nothing fancy about the jar or the lid. When I picked up my jars this morning I asked the judge how they picked that item. Her words were:”Absolutely, lip smacking, um-um good!” I guess that says it all. I know that girl is in 7th heaven, I know I would be! If you have a chance to go to a state fair, or even a county fair, please go, you just might be pleasantly surprised!


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    congrats on all your ribbons!

    oh yes, jaden is into everything! he was under the neighbors camper at tricias and came out and cut his head on something under it. and the boy falls more than a baby…lol.

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