Vacation is over(sigh-sigh). why do they go so fast, but the weeks before drag on?!! It is so relaxing to just chill out for awhile. No one needing something from you, clients are forgotten for 10 whole days!!! YA YA. While we didn’t go to far away it was enjoyable. Now that I’m back home to the rat race, I’m ready to go again! My computer crashed and died finally, so off to the store for another one. Hooking it up wasn’t so hard, but now I have to learn the new Windows Vista program. Thank God for the good ole book-“Windows Vista for DUMMIES”! I have hightlighted alot of things in it. I thought I was doing good, but then my 6 month old printer won’t hook up with my computer. It seems that it is not compatable with Vista. Now I have to buy another printer. Oh ugh-ugh. It’s only MONEY!!!! I hate this. I guess I’m showing my age, I don’t want to learn another thing and I don’t want to spend any more MONEY!!!!   But I don’t have a choice. do I Microsoft. they had this all planned out, I just know it!!!!

On a better note, the Pocomoke Fair is going on with harness racing, antique tractor pulling, and entering my jams again. I’m off again. I do believe I was born with wheels on my be………!!!LOL    Caio


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