The sun is just peeking through, the fog is coming in,it is quiet in my little corner of the world. This is the best time of the day for me; I can start the day slowly drinking my coffee, sitting on the porch comuning with the Lord. It does my soul good to do this, because sure enough the day will get hextic and I will not remember to thank God for my many blessings. We had an answered prayer yesterday in that hubby was able to talk to his daughter finally after 6yrs of silence. He has been praying for this for all this time. He was questioning that his prayer was in vain. But our God knows our hearts and he answered this father’s plea. It was wonderful, God is so good!!  Now if I can figure out what blessing will come out of my fender bender last week ; I will  accept it!!! A young girl hit my NEW car at work. It didn’t do alot of damage to the car, just to ME: it hurt my feelings greatly!!!!!! I purposely park behind work to stay away from fender benders in the parking lot, but there are other  people who work there too. She was sooo upset not because she hit me, but because she had to tell her parents that she had tore up their car!!! Poor girl, I felt sorry for her.

Summer is slowly coming to an end, my favorite time of the year, the tourist are gone, the roads are quieter. The crabs are so good now the meat is so sweet, I ate a mess Sat. night in Crisfield. We walked down to the pier and ate an ice cream cone. Wow date night is still alive and well!! LOL  I hope it never ends.


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