I knew it was too good to be true! After all this time of being well, it caught up with me! I thought I felt funny Tues. when I came home, it wasn’t long before I felt lousy!! Sure enough I have a dosser of a cold. It has gone into bronchitis now and it is miserable! I am trying to work, while medicined up, but I can’t wait to get home and get doped up. NyQuill has become my best friend in bed! LOL That and a prescription med for coughing, well I am set for the night. Have to admit that the next day I am having a time trying to get my head together to go to work!  This is the 2nd week of it, hope it goes away soon, but not to hubby, I’m afraid that he will get it. Last year he caught my cold and it turned into broncitical pneumonia. He was a sick man.  I guess I’ll just keep on coughing and staying away from family, I don’t want them to get it!!!! Uck, Uck!!!



  1. 1

    thank you! he is beautiful, isnt he 🙂 i hope you feel better! it sucks being sick – take care of yourself 🙂 love ya elise

  2. 2
    Trish Says:

    Oh no Mom. I hope you are starting to feel better! Love you!

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