I just have to face it, I am not computer literate. I try but I stumble along, falling down, getting up, trying again, falling down, etc. This is really getting to be a drag. I have finally half way learned my new computer with Vista, thanks to my Dummy book. Now I decide to change from dial up to broadband. No sweat, easy as pie, piece of cake—NOT!!! At least not in this neighborhood! It started out great, receive the modem and instructions in the mail, yea I can do this, it even has pictures I can follow. Halfway through installation, I couldn’t go any farther. Ok, I can call the 800 #. Very nice man, he works with me for 45 minutes. Still couldn’t get the service. Wait till tomorrow, maybe the service isn’t ready yet. OK, 6am calling the next day, another 45 min. Finally he said I will send a tec out to you tomorrow , I can’t find the problem. OK, The tec came at 3pm. and when I came home from work at 5:30 he was STILL HERE trying. Now I know that this can’t be that hard can it??? Finally after calling his boss and whoever else, he proclaimed” AHA I GOT IT!” Well golly gee it’s about time!!!!   Now I am officially on broadband, and I am amazed how quick the pages are, it is almost scary!!! (Thanks Tricia for encouraging me to do it , I finally did!) Now I hope I don’t lose the service!!??????



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    Trish Says:

    WOOT WOOT you go Mom! I am tickled pink for you! But I am sorry it took so much to get it started. But you are zipping a long now at lightening speed!

  2. We have satellite broadband (when it works), and like you, our technician took all day to set up our broadband. Our broadband sometimes slips along at lightning speed, at other times, it just sits idling away like a dead duck!

    I’d love to have ordinary broadband, but it isn’t possible where we are…just beyond the black stump! It’s only because our exchange is so old and outdated. We can’t even get caller ID on the telephone, here in Australia.

    I hope that you enjoy your broadband connection – as for me, mine is boredband!

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