0061.JPGJerry has a new job now, logging! lol  He decided that the woods on the farm needed to be cut, it was old and some of the trees were rotting. A call to the logging company was made and now it is in full swing. Jerry is over there everyday making sure that they are not tearing up the fields where the corn was shelled and the wheat is to go in. We went in tonight after the loggers left to see the big trees that were cut. What is so amazing is that the cutting machine broke down and now a man is doing the cutting the old way with a chain saw! This pic is one of the biggest trees in the lot, it was cut with a chain saw! This is totally awesome to me! I am told that by the next 2 weeks when the big cutting machine is back on the entire woods will be down, and hauled away. Some of the trees(the pines) are going to my home town, and the oaks,beach,gum etc. will be going all the way to Millington Md. I watched them load one of the big logs on the truck. The logging truck had to back up under the log, while it was being held up with some gigantic metal hands! Believe you me I stayed way back!! Now when it is done it will look like a hurricane when through there, but the forester man told me that the wildlife will come back because (1) they are very curious (deer), and (2) it will give great cover for them. In 1-2 years the trees will reseed themselves.  Now Jerry can train dogs closer to home and by next year his son and grandson can hunt deer too. It never ceases to amaze me how God has a greater design than I could ever imagine! He truly takes care of all creatures including us.


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    hey sue.. thanx for stopping by the inn 🙂 where wood chopping ‘s on deck (and on the deck as well!) 🙂

    gp in montana
    PS enjoy the pumpkin butter

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