This week is hubby’s birthday. Now he isn’t a  material guy that has a list a mile long of what he would like for his big day, so it is hard to find something that will wow his socks off. But that all changed yesterday. I still can’t stop laughing about it. We had a great weekend together, I took off work Fri. 1/2 day so we could go out somewhere to dinner and not have to worry about my last clients being tooo slow in leaving the shop. He wanted crabs for the last time this season. Off to the Old Mill Crab house we went. The crabs were full, fat and delicious! We literally rolled home! LOL!!!

The Amish auction was next on Sat. Then on Sun. a tractor show and mule show the same time. He went to one and I went part time to the other.  Finally Monday we were able to have the inlaws up for dinner and cake. Now my hubby is not a picky eater and he will eat just about anything , but his favorite is chicken and dumplings or beef and dumplings. We ate the beef and dumplings on Sun. at a diner, so I wanted to cook his fav. chicken and dumplings, but ran out of time!! So I pulled out stuffed peppers that I had put in the freezer just for last minute dinners and fed everybody that. They were really good.

Now the inlaws know of my hubby’s favorite things. They gave him a nice gift, the look on his face was precious!!! Dinner in a can!!!!LOL  LOL!!!chic-dumplings.jpg To make it even more hilarious, the dinner was made by : who else: SWEET SUE!!! I just about fell out of my chair laughing and laughing !!!!!!! It was just perfect!!!!!  



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