Sunday was a great day. This was the day my friends and I decided to “ditch” (sorry guys:) our hubbys and take a day for all girls day out. After planning and planning we finally hit a day that suited everybody. Off we went. I have almost forgotten how much fun it is to just “chill”! We hit the condo in O.C. first. How breathtaking is the view. We were on the 10th floor, ocean side. The ocean was calm, just beautiful! How many plans we made for that place would spin your head!!!LOL!! From there it was where to eat? B.J.’s of course. Did someone forgot to tell us that the redskins game was on in full force, complete with the “hoggets” What ever that is?  How loud can you be, well maybe shouting to be heard loud????  The craft show was next, and of course our bargain hunting buddy got us in 1/2 price, (I don’t even wanna know how!)  Then off to the outlets. By the time we reached my house I was horse from laughing and talking! This is truly what every girl needs, to get off the race of work and life and live a little with some good buddies. Let’s see it’s my turn to drive next, which way will we go?


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    melissa Says:

    Sounds like you had alot of fun! I love when I get a chance to hang out with my friends even if its just for an hour.

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