I finally did it—had the whole family over for  Thanksgiving dinner. Did I say the WHOLE FAMILY??? Well not all of them came, and if they did it would have been standing room only. LOL  I had enough food to feed an army and then some. At last count I believe it was 21 bodies. Two tables and TV trays made it so everybody could at least sit and eat. It was  noisy and crowded, but I really love having my kids together. I remember when I had a Thanksgiving dinner at my little small, did I mention tiny?, house I thought that was crowded!  Now the family has grown to a lot of little  children running around. It can be intimidating, but I’ve learned to let it roll off my back. My stepson and his family came this year and I warned him ahead of time that it would be a bit crowded. I asked him later and he said Heck Sue it’s a free meal! Ha HA!! All in all I hope everybody had a lot to eat and a good time. I miss seeing my kids together laughing and  joking with each other around the dinner table, so yesterday was thoroughly  enjoyed by MOM. Now I have to admit that MOM is very tired today and have cleaned house all day, but I expect that. Now what will I do for Christmas???


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