How can it come so slow yet leave so quickly?!! It is always seems that way.  The excitement of getting ready, buying gifts, going to parties, church services, are the great lead up to the big day. All of a sudden it is here in a flurry of paper wrappers flying in the air, kids on a sugar high, and parents sipping coffee groggily looking on.  This Christmas was like many others with families getting together and enjoying each other. My house was full of my kids, their kids and plenty of laughter and love. I can just sit back and watch, I enjoy it so much. Thanks go to my great kids for the picture of  them together. My how they have changed since I had the last one taken.  It is a treasure to keep.

this year was  a prayer come true also: I  had the pleasure of meeting hubby’s newest addition to the family; Ms. Quinlyn Long from China. She is a precious 4yr. old beautiful little girl. Hubby’s daughter adopted her and she has made great strides adjusting to the American way of life. She sang Jingle Bells and Santa Clause is coming to town for us. We gave her a pocketbook filled with bracelets and a BIG 5kt. bling ring. The ring is as big as her hands!LOL  She went out the door with the pocketbook on her arm and the ring shining on her finger.

Now that Christmas is over it is time for me to be sick. And sure enough I woke up Thursday at 4am sick as a dog. Well that takes care of 2 days of work for me. I can’t even talk for being full and stopped up! Oh well the medicine cabinet  is well stocked and I am medicated up. I guess this is my down time after all the running around and working like a dog at work.  so I will curl up with my cup of Earl Grey tea, the afgan, and a good book or crossword puzzle and heal up.  Merry  Christmas and may all your prayers come to life this new year.  Amen


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