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January 21, 2008

0141.jpgIt’s Monday morning, a cold, 20 degree cold, cold morning. I am not going out until it warms up some, That maybe sometime around lunchtime!

As I sit here I think of my Dad. He is literately my hero. Although when I was 14-16 I thought he was the meanest parent on the face of the earth,(along with Mom of course!). I can remember being so mad at him over going out and boyfriends,(hickeys: gulp did I just say hickeys? UGH!!!), that I told him that I hated him. How stupid!!! Now I wish I could take back every heart ache, every worry, every sorrow that caused him. Why? Because he would do anything to make sure his daughter was happy and secure. I really had a great childhood, I didn’t have an abusive, alcoholic,mean spirited father. But as an teenager I though he was the worst!

Now that I have reached “middle age”, and I use that word very loosely!. I see things in a much bigger picture. I see a man that has reached his 80’s with more wisdom in his little finger that I have in my whole head. He is a quiet man, I can’t ever remember his voice being raised in anger. He thinks before he says anything. I remember when my marriage was breaking up, there were times when I wasn’t the only one with tears in their eyes, I saw his tears for what I was going through. Because of him I was able to keep going and keep a roof over my head and food on the table. Even my transportation was monitored by him to make sure I could work to support my family. He didn’t float money at me, he just quietly checked the food in the house and the tires on the car. When I needed babysitters, they were there,”meet me at the circle Sue”, was said allot. I owe my very existence to these parents of mine. Now I look at my dad, and I want to take care of him, make sure he knows that I care. I used to think that they had all the money in the world,(how naieve of me)! With things costing more, health insurance, taxes, and the paycheck only going so far, it is harder for older folks to stretch the dollar.

Now they have my ole house up for sale, and of course the market has gone in a slump. The house sits there waiting to be sold, and I’m sure it won’t go for too much, but they need to sell it so that their last years can be lived in comfort. 

As for me, I am going to make sure that I  look for ways to help him  as quietly as he did me. There is so much that I owe him , I know that I could never,never repay him for everything! dad-me.jpgMy dad and I



January 19, 2008

As I sit here at my computer this early morning, it is quiet and peaceful. Hubby left earlier in a flurry of coats, coffee Thermos,etc. for the big hunt today. Are you sure you don’t want to go with us today? he asked. No I don’t think so, I smile sweetly, maybe next time. Silently saying to my self ; 1: to many men in pickups and on the blacktop talking “their talk.” They don’t need a woman around where they have to watch what they say or how they say it. That good ole male bonding ya know?!


Now I have been fox hunting with them and it is good fun. It’s not like it is in the pictures this is real country kind of hunting. All you need is: a pickup (got to be 4wheel drive)- a CB radio (can’t talk back and forth without one)- plenty of coffee (some home-baked goodies to share would be nice too!)-long johns ( it’s cold riding with the windows down!)-have your own or have  friends that have plenty of fox hounds; preferably around 30 or so. Now you are all set. It is a sight to be riding down a country road and hear a pack of hounds hot on the scent, and rounding the corner see a pack of pickups waiting for the fox and the hounds to come tearing out of the woods into the fields. There they go Max fire up the truck and follow after them. I need my camera some time to capture that. 21369251zmhlktzpqs_th.jpg

Now I have been rabbit hunting several time, as we own several rabbit dogs. Currently we have 4 in the kennel, but that changes as the seasons change, we can have as many as 10  in the kennel house or as little as 3, I just never know. It depends if there is an AKC field trial going on as to how many we have. Training a little one is fun. Taking her out with the pack or just her momma to let her get the feel of hunting is so cute. If the pack picks up a scent and turns out she will cock her head and listen, look to us as if to say”What’s that Jerry? Maybe I better go and see what’s going on, I’ll be back!” Off she goes and then about 5 minutes later she is back; “I just came to see if you two were still here, I better stay around you and protect you,OK?.  After she is about 1yr she will go tearing after them hot on the hunt. It seem that the light-bulb kicks in and she knows what she is to do. It is really amazing.hot_pursuit-thumb.jpg

My how my life has changed and I am loving every minute of it; Thank you Lord Jesus, I will never, ever take it for granted again.


January 14, 2008

Wonders never cease around here. Hubby came up with the idea of buying a travel trailer. Wow, blow me away, I mean this is coming from a man that has worked hard all his life, and didn’t have much time for camping. He worked 16-18 hr. days at the power plant, then went home to farm the rest of his day. But now it is time to relax he says, and I want to travel. OK, Yes Sir, I am ready, lets go!! We have a wee small problem honey. Yea What’s that, he says. Um remember I work??? Oh yea, he says, but that’s easily taken care of. Really, I said. Sure just take the month of Feb. off and when you come back, the ones that have been giving you grief and hardship will be all gone, and the ones left will be so thankful that you are back!!  I really wish it would be that easy, but it will definitely make me think of taking more time off. After working 2 jobs all those years ago to make ends meet, this sound like a dream.

So this is what we did.

trailer.jpgThis is our new vacation home on wheels. Just small enough to pull around,but just big enough for the 2 of us . 

bed1.jpgShopping is next, the bare essentials only, but boy do they add up.   Honey how much weight did you say I could add on?? Honey?  Honey?? Are you hearing me??