Wonders never cease around here. Hubby came up with the idea of buying a travel trailer. Wow, blow me away, I mean this is coming from a man that has worked hard all his life, and didn’t have much time for camping. He worked 16-18 hr. days at the power plant, then went home to farm the rest of his day. But now it is time to relax he says, and I want to travel. OK, Yes Sir, I am ready, lets go!! We have a wee small problem honey. Yea What’s that, he says. Um remember I work??? Oh yea, he says, but that’s easily taken care of. Really, I said. Sure just take the month of Feb. off and when you come back, the ones that have been giving you grief and hardship will be all gone, and the ones left will be so thankful that you are back!!  I really wish it would be that easy, but it will definitely make me think of taking more time off. After working 2 jobs all those years ago to make ends meet, this sound like a dream.

So this is what we did.

trailer.jpgThis is our new vacation home on wheels. Just small enough to pull around,but just big enough for the 2 of us . 

bed1.jpgShopping is next, the bare essentials only, but boy do they add up.   Honey how much weight did you say I could add on?? Honey?  Honey?? Are you hearing me??


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