0141.jpgIt’s Monday morning, a cold, 20 degree cold, cold morning. I am not going out until it warms up some, That maybe sometime around lunchtime!

As I sit here I think of my Dad. He is literately my hero. Although when I was 14-16 I thought he was the meanest parent on the face of the earth,(along with Mom of course!). I can remember being so mad at him over going out and boyfriends,(hickeys: gulp did I just say hickeys? UGH!!!), that I told him that I hated him. How stupid!!! Now I wish I could take back every heart ache, every worry, every sorrow that caused him. Why? Because he would do anything to make sure his daughter was happy and secure. I really had a great childhood, I didn’t have an abusive, alcoholic,mean spirited father. But as an teenager I though he was the worst!

Now that I have reached “middle age”, and I use that word very loosely!. I see things in a much bigger picture. I see a man that has reached his 80’s with more wisdom in his little finger that I have in my whole head. He is a quiet man, I can’t ever remember his voice being raised in anger. He thinks before he says anything. I remember when my marriage was breaking up, there were times when I wasn’t the only one with tears in their eyes, I saw his tears for what I was going through. Because of him I was able to keep going and keep a roof over my head and food on the table. Even my transportation was monitored by him to make sure I could work to support my family. He didn’t float money at me, he just quietly checked the food in the house and the tires on the car. When I needed babysitters, they were there,”meet me at the circle Sue”, was said allot. I owe my very existence to these parents of mine. Now I look at my dad, and I want to take care of him, make sure he knows that I care. I used to think that they had all the money in the world,(how naieve of me)! With things costing more, health insurance, taxes, and the paycheck only going so far, it is harder for older folks to stretch the dollar.

Now they have my ole house up for sale, and of course the market has gone in a slump. The house sits there waiting to be sold, and I’m sure it won’t go for too much, but they need to sell it so that their last years can be lived in comfort. 

As for me, I am going to make sure that I  look for ways to help him  as quietly as he did me. There is so much that I owe him , I know that I could never,never repay him for everything! dad-me.jpgMy dad and I


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