Ahhh, finally Saturday is here. It is the one day of the week that I look forward to.(Now mind you I love Sunday, Monday, Tuesday too!) This is usually the day for myself, especially if fox hunting is going on full throttle. Hubby leaves early and then the morning is mine! Yeah!  No cleaning, or any of that routine ugly stuff, that can wait til Monday. This is the day that I get looking through my cookbooks, recipes, and my grandmother’s recipe file box. When Granny passed away a few years ago, the first thing I asked Mom for were her file boxes and recipe cards. I remember when we went to her house for Sunday dinners, she had one of the old refrigerators. Te long silver handle that you pull down to open. The freezer part was just big enough to get your hand in;(if it had been defrosted lately). On top of the fridge was where she kept her recipes. Some might be in file boxes, some in cookbooks, but most were taped to the cupboards or stuck around the fridge. I used to love looking at them. Her file box is full of recipes that she got from old friends and she always wrote little notes in the corners. I guess this is where I got my love of cooking and recipes. I find myself wanting to try something I saw in a mag. or one that someone told me about. Most of the time I will date the recipe with the date that I made it, and if it was good or not. Some of my cookbooks I write the date and then if it was a snow day I will write how many inches etc.      It’s in the genes I guess. On Sunday we would go to Granny’s for dinner.

. We had no idea what she would have, you would just have to peek under the lids of the boiling pots. (Be very, very careful peeking; if you are open to eating different foods you will be ok. But if not it sometimes would scare the beejeebees out of you!)  One time my sister-in-law and I were doing the peeking. There was a big pot boiling on the stove that smelled wonderful. We just couldn’t resist it. We gently and quietly lifted the lid to take a whiff or a taste, when we got the surprise of our lives! There in living color were chicken feet happily bubbling in the broth. They literally looked like they were alive! Slam down went the lid; and we went scurrying out the back door. “Did you see that Sue?” she screamed! My God yeah! What are we going to do? “I can’t eat THAT STUFF!”

When we looked around there were Granny, and my dad laughing their heads off! Poor Granny took pity on us and said;”Girls they aren’t for you all, they are for you dad, but you really should try them they make great gravy for the dumplings!”  Oh my God shes making dumpling out of chicken feet broth! As I look back on those time, I find myself chuckling. They were definitely the good times of life. I loved going to her house and we always looked forward to going to dinner. But always, always look in the pot first!!!  And always ask if that is a  roast beef on the table, and please be specific, a hind roast, a shoulder roast not beef tongue.  But that one is a different story to be told.

blog_pic_028.jpgThis is my granny a few years before she died. She was my best friend, the very best grandmother anybody could have. I was always welcomed to her house and was often there for the weekend, sleeping in her big ole feather bed. I often called her just to check in and gab. It is so funny now that I have married and have moved to her hometown. I just wish she were still here, because I would be running over to her house with my questions on cooking. “Granny how come it’s so hard to flip a pineapple unsidedown cake? I just can’t get it right!” 



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    Trish Says:

    I got all warm and fuzzy inside reading that Mom! I love to hear that story about the chicken feet.

    You did forget to mention, make sure to check the candy in the candy dish before eating, it just might be as old as you are hahahahahaha!

    You know I covet those recipes 😉

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