The latest adventures of our world! For a while now I have been compiling my genealogy profile of my family. I’ve uncovered quite allot of info and have put it in a file. I just put it away and then come back to it occasionally. I have been curious about hubby’s family and have started to hunt down his ancestors. This has been quite interesting. His family has been in this hometown forever and it was fairly easy to trace down some of his family. I took a trip to the Delaware archive building and hit paydirt. The information and the old papers that they have there are a treasure trove! I found his great-great grandfather’s auction after his early death. It seems that all he owned had to be sold to pay off his debts. His poor widow must have been beside herself! Imagine being a young widow and a pregnant one at that, and having to give up everything she had! And to make matters worse, to watch the selling of her things. My heart broke when I read this!  But I also found their wedding “bond” from 1860. It was really awesome to see the real thing this old! She remarried the following months to a gentleman that I think took pity on her; they married and he raised her son, Their marriage “bond” was in there too. As far as hubby can recant, they lived a generous life. Now we know where she is buried. She was buried next to her first husband,(father to her son). But we have never found where her second was buried. I found in the archives that he is buried somewhere 1 mile west of town. Well that could be anywhere west. We have been looking all around the neighborhood for all the old graveyards. Just when we think we have found him, it turns out to be a bust. Then someone told us of an old gravesite in the woods west of town, that would put him within walking, or horseback from where we think he lived.

How I pestered hubby to go search. OK, he said, but we have to wait until cold weather, because YOU don’t like snakes, and I don’t want ticks! OK, OK. Well it was time, and Monday was a beautiful day for winter so off we went. The forest is just great this time of the year, It’s quiet and you can see far. We took our ski poles and started in. “Look Sue, you see that over in the briar’s, look low to the ground, see them!”  Oh my, there they are!

grave_markers.jpgWalking up to them, I was struck how regal they were standing there. Still there from the 18hundreds. You can still read the writing on them and the foot-stones were intact too. Sadly they were not the ones we were looking for. We took our ski poles and started plogging around trying to find an overturned stone or marker. As we were doing this hubby uncovered a small group of daffodils coming up out of the ground. We noticed a pattern here and when we stood back and looked closely we could see the imaginary line of graves. It makes sense that the flowers were planted at the headstone many years ago and were still coming up. What a revelation!

grave_plots2.jpgWe spent the better part of the afternoon looking for his grave, but if it is there the stone is long gone. How sad. Looking around at the high ground I can see why they chose this spot, it was close to town, peaceful and have never been disturbed. We stood there and both were in thought about the people buried here, who were they, how did they get here, where are their families?

jerry.jpgWell Sue, I guess it wasn’t meant for us to find him today.” “I guess not, but we will still be on the hunt, someday we will come across it.”  We left that little grave plot as we found it, saying good bye  and God bless this little plot.


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