rabbit-hunters-11.jpgToday was such a nice day, the work at home caught up, so I decided to go with hubby as he took his young dogs out for a training session. I’ve been before so I knew what to put on. One thing for sure that you have to wear is a pair of sturdy (preferably waterproof) boots. Your poor feet will take a licking if you wear any thing else, trust me. Next you put on your chaps. The ones I have will protect your legs from the thorn  patch. Boy those thorns can hurt! And last but certainly not least–your camouflage jacket. Take up your ski walking stick and your ready.rabbit-hunters-8.jpgThink I can win a beauty contest??!! HA HA!! Load up the young gun dogs and your ready. I  chuckle every time I watch the dogs when they are turned loose. They are so excited that they jump off the tailgate in one leap and tear around the ground playing, marking territory, then it’s off to explore. Since these are young dogs 1-3 years old, hubby has to show them what he wants them to do and how to do it. “Come on here find him, gettta him now go!” I hope I don’t have to call the dogs because the language and sounds hubby uses are , —- just different. But it is so amazing the dogs know exactly what he is saying and what he wants. While hubby uses his ski stick to thrash the thorn patch the dogs nosey around smelling until -bang I got it!, Beaver says!

rabbit-hunters-10.jpgIt’s right here! Come on lets go!!!

rabbit-hunters-6.jpgOne two three, all in a line noses down.  Then all of a sudden, they hit a track, Oh boy a harking we all go!!! It is something to hear these dogs hark a trail. You can pick out which one is leading and which one is saying”I’m coming, I smell it too. Off they go into the thick of it. We stand there and listen to them take off. After a while if you stand very still on the path, you will get a glimpse of the rabbit as he crosses the path ahead of the dogs. Then here they come hot on the trail. Of course with young gun dogs you don’t always know what they are going to do next. Will they go off scent onto another, (like a cat? that happened one day) or will one decide that the thorns really are no fun to run in, “I think I better go around them!” But then being the friendly dogs they are one will invariably come back to hubby and sit at his feet just to make sure he needs her protection! “I think I will stay here with you and protect you from the critters here in this big forest”!

rabbit-hunters-4.jpgThis is Dottie. She is a very muscular dog and she loves to hunt. When she grows up she will be a  good one. But right now she wants our attention.

After about 2 hours of running (they jumped 2 different rabbits and ran them all over the   training area). Hubby could see that they were tired, so he called them in to load up. Now they come running out and circle him talking and smelling among themselves. I can just imagine what they are talking about! “Did ya see that big one I flushed out Beaver?” said Lucy. “Yeah but what about that big momma that I found!” replied Beaver. “She was bigger than that little one you found!” ” Hey wait a minute I helped!” cried Dottie. And so it goes on. “Come on load up lets go to the truck , now walk with me!” This is a pretty sight, hubby walking back to the truck and the “kids” following after him. Look Ma no leases.

rabbit-hunters-3.jpgLoading is easy too, because these young kids are tired and ready to go home. “Me first, please Jerry”> Ahhhh going home, ah ah!!!

rabbit-hunters-2.jpg  “Wait a minute now, just wait a dog gone minute now, you didn’t say anything about cutting toenails when we got home, you said I could eat and take a nap!!! I don’t wanna, bawaaaaaa!!!

rabbit-hunters-1.jpg So ends our adventure for today, but there is always another day!


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    Melissa Says:

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Thats pretty amazing that Jerry can get them dogs to listen like that…wish I could get Diva to listen like that..Maybe I should send Diva to spend a week with Jerry =)

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