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March 22, 2008




March 18, 2008

2008-03-17-1510-46_edited.jpgMy dad when he was in the service. This pic was taken in Baltimore, fresh off of the train from overseas. A photographer happened to be taking pictures of the servicemen and snapped this one of dad. Actually I have cropped this pic to take out his best buddy. He was home on leave to see his Mom & Dad. Cute isn’t he! Young too!!! I am gonna try to lighten this pic up and make it at least a 5×7. He wants it bigger for the American Legion post to put on their wall of honor. I couldn’t resist posting it here.


March 15, 2008

A beautiful day it has turned out to be. Yea! Yea! Spring is in the air, I can just feel it!! I am so glad winter and the blasted cold weather is going away, now my favorite time of the year is coming and I AM READY!!! As April is approaching I find myself thinking of my grandfather. His birthday and the date he died is in April. He was a different kind of man. He wasn’t one to show allot of huggy-kissy affection. You knew that he loved you by the way he treated you. I can remember when he had the Esso gas station in Ocean City. My brother and I used to spend allot of weekends there, “working” the station. By working I mean my brother pumping gas, wiping car windows, and me selling couch shells to the tourist. I was all of 9 or 10 years old and I made a good chunk of change there. Of course I spent it all on candy. On the few times I was allowed behind the counter inside,(usually when Granny was there) I was able to sell things. Boy I thought I was a big shot, didn’t matter that I couldn’t hardly reach the big cash register or count back change, I was IN CHARGE, a BIG SHOT!!! The candy counter fascinated me. You could only get to the candy from the back of the counter. The front was a slanted glass case. The customer had to look into the case and tell you what they wanted. The only down fall of that was of a 9 year old clerk that dearly loved!!!!! squirrel nut zippers!!! I just couldn’t keep out of the candy!!! Granny wouldn’t say anything, but my Golly  if Sam-Boy saw you there was H…. to pay. Many times I was demoted to the front gas pumps. I guess he thought I was gonna eat all the zippers!!! Geeesh!!!!  Then I would sit with Earl (Sam-Boy’s) worker, and watch my brother go round and round the gas station in Granny’s 57′ Chevy. One time I got brave and rode with him, Only I was the smart one, I kept the passenger side door open just in case I had to bail out!!! The memories are just great from that time in my life. I had 2 of the greatest grandparents ever!

small-pic-granny-pop-pop.jpgSam-boy lived a hard life growing up, his mother died young and then his father remarried and had more children. His step-mother was not kind to him so he was out on his own at a young age. The story goes that he met my grandmother while she was picking tomatos in a field. He had run his car in a ditch and was looking for help. I guess he was so impressed that the next day he came back and asked her out. The story began then and lasted over 50 years of marriage. small-pic-pop-gran.jpgThis was taken at his birthday party years later. He has been gone now since 1984.

The funny thing about my grandfather is that we discovered that he knew my hubby. When hubby found out who I was and where I came from he told us that when he was a small boy and had his first beagle; that he walked uptown to my grandparents house and Sam-Boy let that  old boy breed to his field champion dog. They became friends. Sam-Boy was a beagler and ran in field trial. My hubby is a beagler and runs in field trials also. There were many times that they were at the same field trial with their dogs. Hubby told me stories about my grandfather and that there are pictures of him with his champion dogs in the club house. What a small world it is!  When we were helping Mom clean out Granny’s house after she died, I found a pair of pants in Sam-Boy’s bedroom. They looked different and hardly worn. I showed them to hubby and he started laughing. “What’s so funny?” I asked. “They are your grandfather’s field trial chap pants” he said. “Really”, I said. They look like brand new. Apparently he didn’t get to wear them much. I took them home, really just to save because they were his. But I have found out that I have a gem! Now that I go with hubby on training exercises with our dogs, I wear them! They fit to a tee, length and all!!! They really protect my legs and don’t look bad attalll!!!

I can just see Sam-Boy and Lester Shockley(hubby’s mentor) up in heaven, looking down at us and smiling, laughing and joking. “Just look at that Sam, ain’t that a sight for poor eyes them two” Hubby and I know that GOD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS