Today is my mom’s birthday, she is a hardy 80 now. She can’t believe that she is “that old”. LOL! Boy time does creep up on ya don’t it? I am so glad that I have my mom and dad because now that I’m older I enjoy them more. Hubby and I take them with us places and enjoy their company. for her present I got her a Vera Bradly pocket book, and I just had to tell her how I “fought for it!” I fell into a sale of 40% off of the bags and went into the melee slinging pocketbooks around  and grabbing for the “golden ring”, as some woman so aptly put it!! I managed to score a bag for her, one for me, and one for a present later. I have the scars to prove the sale!!LOL! LOL! I have to admit I enjoyed every minute of it. So Happy Birthday Mom and I hope you have many many more with us.


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    Melissa Says:

    Aw Happy Birthday Mrs.Blanch…I didn’t have any idea it was your birthday yesterday. But I do now=) Hope you had a great one! and I too hope you have many more with us. Sue..that is too funny..I can see you now fighting for the purse lol..Vera Bradley is NICE..I think I would be fighting for it too.

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