I think I’m gonna live, that’s what I thought last night. I’m gonna go to work and jump back into the swing of things. Well……sorta….It’s funny how a virus, cold, pneumonia? works, you feel like death warmed over, then the next day you feel good.; enough that you think you are as good as new. Not quite. Getting up and getting ready was the easy part, the hard part was getting this battle worn body to move! But if you pour enough caffeine in you first thing, the oil(blood) gets moving and you function.  Before hitting the door to work, I stopped and got a capichino to go just for good measure. Oh great, I’m the first one here, gotta open up; look on the book and see that I am the only one holding the shop down until 10am. Great that means doing my laddies and answering the phone (with a definitely low gravely voice)! It’s a good thing I didn’t have to call in sick this morn, the shop would be closed for sure!

Oh well I made it clear until 2pm. by then I knew that no amount of coffee was gonna help this ole body, so I said “Ciao baby” I’m gonna go home!   Boy the recliner sure felt soooo goood that a nap was next to come.

I guess I’ll try again tomorrow and see how long I last then. It sure is hard to kick this one.:(   😦   😦    😦


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