Happy Memorial Day. This is gonna be a busy week, because I have taken a few days off work to recoup, regroup, and just plain do what I wanna do. We went camping for a long weekend to Shad Landing. I haven’t been there since I was a kid. Back then you had to pay to get into the park, but now you can just go in to the river and register. Because we had reservation that were made online it was a quick process. The campsite was great, big, wide and quiet. The ranger told us that all 191 sites were ocupied for the weekend. Oh boy was there some people there. We sat at the dock and just people watched, It was so much fun. We watched a 2year old boy and his father have a battle of wills over him wearing a hat in the sun. Eventually the little boy figured out that in order to fish with the rest of the kids, he’d better just put the hat on (with a shrug of shoulders and allot of muttering!) and join them. He was so funny to watch.

On Thursday we are leaving for Lancaster Pa. Hubby wanted to go to the Green Dragon on Friday. That is a treat since I rarely get off work on Fridays. Thursday I am taking Hubby to Hershey, to the chocolate factory. He has never been there, near there with his field trials but never there. I remember taking my kids there for Hershey Park and the chocolate factory, it was fun. I have several birthdays this month, so somebody is gonna get something from the factory! We love to travel on the back roads around New Holland, Ephrata, etc. and see the farm fields and the Amish working in them. Hubby will never get the farm out of his blood! HA! HA! 🙂


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