Boy did I speak toooo soon! I thought I was getting over this “BUG”  but apparently it wants to hang around some more. Reminds me of the Musinex commercial about the bugs trying to stay in your body! I have been on Musinex for about 2-1/2 weeks now and it has helped some to the point I was better. I don’t know if it is because we were outside all weekend and the pollen took over or what, I just know that it’s back. So I put in a call to my doc and sure enough she wasn’t in. ( I’m not surprised, she is hard to get to see) She is at a medical convention, but she will call the office at noon and maybe? she will call in a prescription for me. Well I have a back up plan, if she doesn’t call in something I’m gonna take my little body to the Urgent care office where my insurance will cover it. We leave tomorrow and I will not go without some HELP!  Pathetic isn’t it? We don’t plan on being sick when we go away, but sure as we go back to work, I’ll be all well! I just bet on that one!!

Oh well we will see! 🙂  😦


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