A beautiful weekend, just what I needed. Cleared my head, did some thinking and just enjoyed the beauty of nature.  I really like this picture, it shows that God is indeed in the minds and hearts of people. Even campers!

 A reminder that he is ever near. Our campsite this weekend was on the water. It was glorious, watching the sun go down in the evening and waking up early enough to take a cup of coffee, and sit and watch the sun come up over the water. What a better way to start the day than talking to the Lord here. I sure did that~!

We took our youngest “Lucy” with us to get her used to people, noises, boogie men and the like. She was so funny; but also the best minded dog there. She never barked or made a fool of herself like some of the spoiled ones there. We did a lot of walking around on the leash learning to follow, heel, etc. She did very good until she saw the beach and the water. Now beagles aren’t water dogs per-say, but this one was sooo hot that she just had to do what a girl has to do! 🙂

Ploop down goes the behind, I am so hot mama! Ok lets try the beach. Well I just about died, she waded in and started swimming around me, I just couldn’t stop laughing at her. What a smart dog!


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