Today is the count-down day. Only 16 more days… did it come so quickly? I’ve know all year that July was count-down month, but other things always slip in ahead and I am left looking at the calendar and wondering……AM I READY?! 

The Delaware State Fair begins on July 17 and I better get kicking! I have been working on my entries like mad!; getting them made and then deciding on which one gets the privilege of showing at the fair. It’s a madding decision trying to see my entries through the judges eyes. Will they think it looks good, and then the most nerve wracking thing, the tasting!  Last year one of the judges decided that my strawberry JAM was really strawberry PRESERVES! I beg your pardon, I don’t think so. Had she been handy when I reviewed the judge’s decisions, she and I would have had a long discussion on the difference of JAM OR PRESERVES!!!  You gotta laugh it off, because really it is in the eye of the beholder or the taste of the beholder.

So I am off to compete with hubby in tow. He is my taste tester, my critic, my loader, my handler (making sure the cargo is safely stowed for transportation-heavens no breaking allowed!), my driver, and best of all my cheering squad!!   Wish me luck 🙂


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    Melissa Says:

    GOOD LUCK!! I’m sure you will have the best Jam out there!! The strawberry is our favorite , we love when you send a few jars home to us.

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